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Temperament Masks
Planet Masks
Naive Masks
Commedia Masks

How they are made:
We have moulds of all the masks in the Gallery which have been designed in clay or plastercine over a plaster face cast. The designs are then cast to create a negative mould in  plaster or silicone rubber or carved as a positive wooden mould for leather masks.  Copies are then taken from the moulds in the following materials: Blotting paper, Papier-mâché, plaster bandage and plaster polymer, latex, leather, buckram and other natural materials.  The studio is overseen by Michael Chase.

New Commissions
We are available to design and create masks for productions or training, tailored to your needs.  We can collaborate with you in making masks for specific shows, where conversations with writers, directors and designers can set a process in motion. We design working models and finally settle on specific designs for your show.

These masks can be made form a verity of materials to suit the function of the commissioner.  Please note that for this to be done a good working period is required to get them to you in good time.  These cost double the price of gallery masks, and once the commissioner has completed their first season, the masks designs are then made available in the Gallery for the open market as the designs are owned by  Mike Chase Masks.

Greek 1.jpg
Neutral Masks

How to Order

​Please download the order form below.

We will begin to process your order once we have received the deposit of the masks.  The deposit is 50% of the price of your order, excluding shipping.

Shipping Costs: On completion of the masks we will send you an invoice for the rest of the costs including the shipping.​

How long do they take to make?
We have a small selection of our masks in stock which are readily available. The length of time it takes to make your masks is dependent on what materials they are made of, how many masks there are and what other orders we have on at the time. The average order for 4 masks is six weeks fro receipt of the deposit.  This time can be accelerated in cases of crisis.



Half Masks £120

Full Masks £130

Naive Masks £140

Greek Masks £130 - £150

New Commissions prices start at £250


Face casts £50

Bust casts £120

10% off on any order over 6 masks.


If you come to the studio, fittings are free of charge with any mask order.


Carriage and packing are an additional cost.



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