Seven Planets first commissioned for ‘Biographical Counselling’, arise out of the work of Rudolf Steiner, for teaching counselling skills, Hero’s Journey work and actor training.  These are available in both full and half masks.

Moon reflects the world around it, mirroring back without revealing what is going on within.

Mercury moves quickly along the path of least resistance, seeking the third way, uninterested in right or wrong.

Venus creates space for feelings to be heard without

bringing anything of great relevance.

Mars wins over support for its initiatives, seeking resistance in order to feel alive.

Jupiter likes to order the whole, surveying from up high. Uninterested in detail they can easily get lost in abstractions.

Saturn seeks the essence of things. Only the deepest truth will satisfy even at the cost of relationships.

The Sun is the balance of the extremes, the arbitrator that understands all sides and can act for the benefit of the whole.

Mike Chase Masks, Stroud, Gloucestershire

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