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I offer a number of different sources of support for mask practitioners, both in making and using masks. This could be applied in the theatre for performance, in education both in theatre styles and different aspects of psychology and in therapy. Having directed, produced and acted in very many productions both professional and community over the past 35 years, I can bring much of my experiences to your project.

Using masks to teach with, from drama schools to mental health seminars, I have been looking at the mask not so much in performance , but to bring about an aaha experience that bypasses the intellect, enabling learning first through experiencing it in the heart and limbs, and then in the head.

Having used masks in therapy for over 20 years, I have come to understand, that as a transitional object, the masks offers the opportunity to take the focus off the whole Self and onto parts of the Self that need attending to. The distancing the mask offers in therapy enables one to safely process unconscious material bringing it up into the light of consciousness.

Consulting in the use of Masks  in Theatre Productions

I offer consulting in the application of masks in theatre, considering the big questions of why use masks, when to use them, and then what kind of mask would be best suited, and how they can be used.

Coaching and the use of Masks in Education

Masks are an extraordinary tool to support teaching and learning through embodiment. By using masks that embody the concepts you are teaching.  The learner can experience the ideas through the process of inhabiting the mask, and then reflect upon the experience cognitively.

Supervision the Creation and the Use of Masks in your Therapy Practice

The mask can be a catalyst that helps one access deep material quite spontaneously and with surprising effect. This work needs to be held and managed in ethical and safe way and to safeguard some of the pitfalls that can arise. These may include, for example, entering into the work without sufficient preparation; one-sided experiences that do not promote well-being; and getting stuck in the masks energy.

Whatever your practice and questions you are living with, we can find out what could be helpful in developing your work. If you would like to find out more, please contact me.

Duration: I find between 1 to 1.5hrs is long enough for a session, but other options can be negotiated.

Regularity: This could be a one-off, a series of sessions to be negotiated, or ongoing.

Fees: By negotiation and dependant on context

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