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The mask is a bridge between this world and that, a tool to transform us from one state to another. When we look into questions of identity, before long we come to the metaphor: mask.  For the Greeks 'persona' means mask, the identity of human beings and gods.  The mask is enigmatic, hiding our entirety, only letting a little out, the little that fits with the mask which completes the picture, inner and outer.


However when the mask is applied we require different sizes and styles, textures and features for maximum effect. In our studio we have been researching and developing the creation of masks for different applications, both for outside users and our own extensive use in these fields. We use different materials to realise this variety of styles, traditions and functions.

Actor Training
The mask is a tool which focuses on what is essential.  Whether it is used in performance, for the development of character, or the living relationship between performer and audience and the removal of the fourth wall. The open relationship with the audience the mask demands discipline and spontaneity, conscious body language and energy.  The mask stretched between these polarities brings transformation and magic to the stage.

Therapeutic application
In therapy and self development [see Psychodrama and Hero’s journey], the mask is a bridge between the inner and outer world, offering the user an opportunity to transform unconscious aspects of them selves bringing them into consciousness.  These could be masks representing your self as hero, or inner demons, angles or allies.  They could represent the very content of your soul and inner life there for you to dialogue with, understand and transform if necessary.

As tool for learning [see Four Temperaments] the mask is a lens witch hones attention into the area of learning, where both from inside and outside the mask, concepts become experience, thoughts can become action, ideas a reality.

Business coaching
The mask offers the chance to try something we know in a different way.  In business they are an effective tools in training managers in presentations skills, different management styles or in change management.

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