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Mask Making Using and Performing

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Based on many years’ experience training and working across the world, Mike Chase brings his expertise to this most comprehensive book for practitioners in mask applied mask. Extensively illustrated with beautiful photography, the book expresses perfectly the energy of how masks work in drama, therapy and teaching. Beginning with detailed, practical instructions on how to make different masks, Mike moves on to the specifics of the four classical temperaments: Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic. He suggests many workshop exercises that can be used in dramatic, therapeutic and team-building scenarios.


Mask is unique in that it takes the reader on a full journey, all the way from making a mask to using it.

“Chase draws on a lifetime of experience working with masks, and straddling the boundary line between theatre and therapy. His approach to mask through a theory of archetypes opens up rich possibilities in both domains. This book is both a practical guide and an eloquent manifesto.”– David Wiles, Professor of Drama, University of Exeter



Foreword; Introduction; Chapter 1: The Background; Chapter 2: General Mask Making; Chapter 3: Making Masks of the Temperaments; Chapter 4: General Mask Using; Chapter 5:Using Making Masks of the Four Temperaments and the Neutral; Chapter 6: Maps, Improvisations, Games and Exercises; Chapter 7: Applications of Temperament Masks in Different Contexts; Chapter 8: Stories from Practice; Bibliography

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