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The Four Temperaments

The meeting of the hereditary stream with the what is unique in the individual.

We will look at the origin of the temperaments,Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine and Choleric and the way in which they incorporate the two streams, one of heredity and the other pre-birth dispositions.


The Seven Planets

Looking at the journey between death, birth and life.

The journey of the soul through the seven planets, from Moon, Mercury and Venus to the Sun, and then onward through Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is a central motif in teh development of teh soul. 


Zodiac - Womb of Personality

The signs of the Zodiac are the architects of the human personality. Each sign depicts an access between personality style and personality disorder, while implying that the transformative virtue can be attained by through developing free choice.   The ancients experienced how the human body arises as a product of the Zodiac, resting in the amniotic fluid of the universe as a spirit embryo. Through developing higher levels of consciousness we are born into our higher self. This will be explored in the workshop


Encounters at the Threshold: Exploring the Self in Relationship to the Counter-forces

Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas this interactive talk using masks and participation explores awakening the forces of the soul in relations to the spiritual forces that run counter to development.


Transforming Violence

This talk considers the uses of masks in working with young adults with complex needs and with violent offenders. Here we look at the application of masks in the therapeutic context.


Soul and Spiritual Development in the light of Trauma

How undigested trauma and abuse - contained in the soul as elemental beings - can impact on inner awakening. We will consider a process of releasing trauma beings through therapy.


Hero at the Abyss: Addiction, Artificial Intelligence and Religious Fundamentalism

Working with the image of St Michael and the dragon in developing the capacity to comprehend, withstand and conquer the down side of addictions, AI and RF.

Responses to Mikes Talks and Workshops

The Kairos Eurythmy students gained a tremendous deepening of their work on the Planets during the workshop. He was able through his penetration of Anthroposopy,  his skill with masks, and his wonderful artistry to lead us on the human being's journey through these vast spiritual worlds.. What a privilege to have had this inspirational and enlivening opportunity with Michael and we look forward to further valuable contributions from this exceptionally gifted human being.

Michael gave a lecture to the full body of Students from the B.Ed and BA faculty and the German Volunteer project, on the effects of drugs on the constitution of the human being and especially on a becoming teacher.

This was a topic with acute importance, due to the fact, that smoking Marijuana was legalised recently in South Africa.


He also was able to share not only from his own biographical journey but also from his vast therapeutic work case studies to help understand the consequences and effects of drug on the human being. 

I loved the absolute practical application the fact that we walked from the spiritual to the physical world where we could really get into the atmosphere with Michael's help.   The temperaments become so alive with the masks and again the magical processes that happen around them.  Michael's energy, integrity and passion are a gift to the whole process.  I am very grateful to have met Michael and to have been part of this process.  Thank you

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